It's Not Magic...

Augmented Reality Apps are here now !
Augmented Reality at your fingertips

Blue Sky Creative have been working with Augmented Reality for nearly two years now. It's not new, but the way we are using it is changing. AR has only been used for the odd one off marketing project here and there.

Now it can be taken seriously. Blue Sky Creative are working on a bespoke Augmented Reality App that can display over 140 publication and also over 24 issues of each publication. Then, using a lightweight, robust SDK developed by Metaio your AR experience is brought direct to your device.

We have developed various functions that are not native to Metaio like 'tap to take away' allowing full screen video to be triggered from an in-page video.

A function where a button can then trigger an Image gallery allowing greater use of space in print media, plus many others


Augmented Reality Publishing


AR Adds Value

Healeys Print Group managing director Philip Dodd agrees: "Gone are the days of just putting ink onto paper; you need to be able to do something that separates you from the competition now."

$5.2bn with AR Apps

AR Apps are set to make $300mn in 2013 and according to Juniper Research by 2017 Augmented Reality apps are set to bring in $5.2 billion in revenues globally

Smartphones Sales

Sales of smartphones have out sold regular standard phones for the first time for the period April - June 2013 according to Gartner Research. 225 million smartphone sales were up 46% on this time last year

Augmented Reality Media Pack

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Creating Measurable Engagements


Augmented Reality Publications

It is estimated that by 2017 augmented reality mobile apps will be bringing in $5.2 billion in global revenue. Where from I hear you ask? Well the obvious place is by enhancing current print advertisements.

Blue Sky Creative are currently working with major publishers in the UK to enhance the user interaction of advertisements with the use of AR. This is also being used with editorial content, to enhance articles and demonstrate locations, visitor attractions, and products being discussed.

As Augmented Reality becomes more main stream with large publishers taking up the technology, this in turn increases the public's awareness of other engaging content held within traditional print media.